Simple Gifts List is free, advertisements free and the simplest application in AppStore which helps you not to forget to buy gifts for your friends and family. It is specially designed to give you the simplest and the fastest way to organize your gifts list. No more forgotten birthdays and ungifted presents. Now you can track all coming holidays with all gifts you want to give. There is no need to open the Simple Gifts List every day to see what is coming, you will be notified for all the gifts that need to be provided for upcoming holiday.

Simple Gifts List features:

• add people from iPhone Contact List or new ones (with image synchronization)
• change image of every currently added person
• add/modify gifts for every person
• add/change image to every gift (choose from iPhone Photo Library or take a new one)
• add notification date for a gift with possibility to receive Local Notifications
• visual priority depending on the soonest notification dates
• enable/disable password protection + change password